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There are times in life where you feel you have too much to handle, burdens and responsibilities of life weigh you down so much, you can not think straight. These are times you should visit places like Shantiwan, Sevashram and Sharaddha foundation.

You will see hundreds of children peacefully and happily keeping up there with their daily routine and are happy to have the food and shelter. They might have lost their parents but found one in care of Deepak dada and Kaveri tai Nagargoje.

At Sharddha, Karjat, you will see faces desperate to hear a phone call from home and return to their loved ones, but thankful that Dr. Watwani’s team picked them up from the streets and provided food and shelter and hope.

We take so many things for granted in life, we don’t even thank god for providing us with all the necessities and enjoy them like our birthright. But when we go to places like one of these institutions, we understand what privilege god has given us.

It is therefore our duty to help those who need us, who are helping the ones not so privileged like us. If we take care of their daily grocery needs, they become free of everyday mayhem of how to provide food for hundreds of residents at their institutions. They can concentrate on more productive endeavors and help more people. This is the philosophy of WeTogether Grain Bank.

Our volunteers are passionate about the thought to provide food grains for the needy, and we share a common dream that no one in the society should sleep with empty stomach at night.

Come, share our dream and become a part of changing life for someone not so privileged.

— Aarti Bharj, We Together Grain Bank, Thane

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