Our Centers

We Together Grain Bank concept was initiated by Thane resident Ujwala Bagawade, our founder trustee. Within no time, this became enthusiastic group of committed ladies and keeps growing every month.
We are now operating from 4 centers in major cities of Maharashtra, India. Our vision is to spread wings at all major cities for the cause of grain donation.
Thane (Head-Quarters)
Concept of grain bank was initiated from Thane Center. Majority of our volunteers, 50 at this point, are residents of Thane and surrounding areas. Every month we get new requests from aspiring volunteers who want to join the cause.
With Dene Samajache platform, We Together was introduced to Pune and the citizens volunteered to start a center at Pune. This has recently started operations with 13 volunteers and keeps growing each month.
Kalyan center started as a single dedicated member and within no time has become a major contributor for grain bank activities, with 10 enthusiastic members.
Nashik center is latest addition. This center has recently started operations with 10 volunteers who are enthusiastic ladies committed to the cause of grain bank.