Our Activities at Events
We Together participates at cultural events / functions / carnivals. Our volunteers put up stall at the event giving detail information regarding the cause.
We have very encouraging response from the visitors, who enthusiastically become grain bank contributors and make generous spot donations in cash / kind.
Dene Samajache

‘Dene Samajache by Veenatai Gokhale’ is a great platform for social service NGOs to showcase their work and invite donors. We Together participated in their Oct 2018 Pune Exhibition for 3 days. We had voluminous response from Pune area donors and felt greatly supported, many people came forward to become volunteers and grain bank contributors.

HSSF 2019
In January 2019 We Together participated in a spiritual fair, we were humbled by the response , love and appreciation from the visitors. Grain bank concept was highly appreciated, many became grain bank contributors, hundreds of people did on the Spot donations and many requested to open a center on western side of Mumbai. Very encouraging experience.
Naupada Bhagini Mandal
Annual Anand Bazar organized by Naupada Thane Hindu Bhagini Mandal. We Together participated on 9-10 Feb 2019. We had generous response from kind residents of Thane and surrounding areas.
Vastushilpa Residency Thane
VastuShilpa Residency Thane W, Republic Day funfair January 2019. Residents of Vastushilpa supported the cause of grain bank wholeheartedly. Even the children donated from their pocket money, we were touched by the kind spirit.