Grain Bank Initiative

Grain Bank is primary initiative by We Together. As We Together set out on its journey to make a world a better place in its own little way, they witnessed the work done by many NGOs across the state.In the initial days, We Together worked with and in some minor way tried to assist Shantivan, a foundation set in Arvi village in Beed,set up by Deepak and Kaveri Nagargoje. It has taken upon itself the humongous task of setting up an shelter home for the children of  destitute women and sex workers.Even with the some external aid and scarce monetary help, this NGO managed to foster around 350 kids,taking full responsibility of their living, education, and overall upbringing.

Just like Shantivan, We Together also worked with Shraddha Rehabilitation Foundation an NGO,established by Dr Bharat Vatwani (Magsaysay Award Winner, 2018), a Mumbai based Psychiatrist, in 1989. Based in Karjat,Maharashtra, the foundation aims to find, restore and reunite, the mentally ill destitutes,back with their families.

Having worked mainly with these 2 NGOs and a few others, We Together realized the core area of concern of these and all the other NGOs that exist,is Food Supply. With ‘Food’ being one of the basic necessities, it was not difficult to see why it posed to be an issue for these entities. A requirement to feed 350+ humans on a daily basis, with monetary supply at its minimum, was no easy task. It was this area of concern that We Together decided to address through their efforts. In their primary run, they decided to take on the responsibility of providing as much food material, mainly pulses,sugar,lentils and oil to these organisation, sharing the load and helping them ?  make their journey seamless.

Here’s how it works

NGOs need humongous amount of food supply on a daily basis,at times north of 300 Kgs a day. We Together sources this food supply, from its donors through either monetary donations in the name of the NGOs or through grains and other food items. This is collected on a timely basis and sent to the associated NGOs accordingly.

Up until now, 30000+ Kgs of food has been donated to these NGOs. Associations with a total of 11 NGOs have been made to provide food-grain supply. The geographical reach has now been expanded to NGOs in Pune, Nashik, Sangli, Pen, Palghar, Kolhapur.
In addition to individuals,many esteemed entities like educational institutes and corporate houses have shown interest and joined We Together in its mission of grain donation.

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Grain Bank Annual Report 2019