NGO's Associated

We Together Foundation as an organization is extremely vigilant when it comes to NGO associations. The donations, in any form, are extremely valued and it is made sure that this aid is received by NGOs with credibility. Thorough background checks in terms of legal paperwork, past work and regular on ground visits by committee of We Together Foundation are carried on to ensure that the aid sent by our donors is in good hands and creates the impact it was supposed to.

At no times is money directly transferred to any given NGOs. Money received by We Together is used to buy the food material, which is then sent to the NGOs to avoid any kind of mishandling.

We Together Foundation provides support for food grains and ration on a regular basis to 15 deserving NGOs across Maharashtra. For another 15 NGOs, we provide food grains on occasional basis, whenever we get surplus donation. 

The list of adopted NGOs keeps growing as more and more donors get associated with grain bank.

Beneficiary NGOs Adopted for Regular Grain Donation

  • Shantivan, Arvi, Beed (Mr & Mrs Nagargoje): Residential facility for destitute children of sugarcane farm  labourers.
  • Sevashram, Brahmanath Yelamb, Beed (Mr & Mrs Rajahans): Residential school for destitute children of Tamasha workers.
  • Shraddha Rehabilitation Foundation, Raigad (Dr Bharat Vatwani): Rehabilitation of wandering mentally-ill patients
  • Mauli Mahila Mandal, Shiroda, Vengurla: Residential & training facility for mentally challenged children
  • Snehprem, Kaprewadi Road, Ahmednagar (Farooq Baig): Residential facility for destitute children and abandoned women
  • Mauli Education Trust, Jamghar, Wada, Palghar: Highschool for Aboriginal children, Walvanda (food and hostel)
  • Sankalp Samajik Prakalpa, Rashin (Mr & Mrs Bhosale): Rehabilitation of children of aboriginal & fowlers’ community
  • Shree Amrutvahini Gramvikas Mandal, ManavSeva Project: Ahmednagar, Rehabilitation centre for mentally ill roadside destitute
  • Mauli Seva Pratishthan, Ahmednagar Shirdi Highway (Dr Rajendra & Dr Sucheta Dhamane): Lifelong care & treatment of wandering, mentally & physically ill  destitute women found on Indian roads
  • Ahilya Mahila Mandal, Pen: Economic empowerment of indigenous women
  • VSM, Vidyadan Sahayak Mandal, Thane: Residential facility for needy students
  • Shramik Sahayog Trust, Chiplun (Mr Pawar): Education to destitute children, women empowerment
  • Dilasa Pratishthan, Nashik (Mr Jagtap): Care center for the elderly patients
  • Palavi, Pandharpur (Dimple Ghadge): Rehabilitation centre for HIV positive girls
  • Ajol, Wagholi, Pune (Shantivan Project): Residential facility for orphan/needy students 
Shantivan - Arvi, Beed
Deepak Nagargoje and his wife Kaveri have set up Shantivan in his native village of Arvi in Shirur Kasar taluka. Shantivan is a home for children of sugarcane workers, destitute women and suicide striken families of farmers. At present, there are 350 children in Shantivan. Inspired from working with Baba Amte, Nagargoje couple took up mammoth task of providing shelter, food and education to deprived children. Shantivan also helps surrounding villages with ‘Shet-tale’ man-made pond in the farm to help with farming in the drought stricken district. Website:
Shraddha Foundation - Karjat

Shraddha Rehabilitation Foundation was founded by Dr. Bharat Vatwani. Shraddha is a humane experiment, perhaps the only one of its kind in India, providing treatment, custodial care and rehabilitation to a neglected group of mentally – ill wandering roadside destitute and reuniting them with their lost families. It is a combination approach that combines medication, innovative psycho-social intervention and occupational engagement. Till date it has helped thousands of patients to reunite with their families.

Sevashram - Brahmnath Yelamb, Beed
Sevashram was founded by Suresh Rajhans, inspired by work of Shantiwan, Beed. It is located at Brahmnath Yelamb, Beed road. It is a home for children of Tamasha artists and destitute workers of Maharastra. The children who are deprived of education and forced to wander with their families find a secured home and digitally equipped school at Sevashram. Website:

Beneficiary NGOs for Occasional Grain Donation

  • Suhit Jeevan Trust, Pen 
  • Avani School for mentally challenged children 
  • Sobati Parents Association, Wada 
  • Jeevan Samvarshan, Thane 
  • Gharkul, Khoni 
  • Paraplegic Foundation, Airoli 
  • Snehavan, Pune
  • Advika Welfare Foundation, Pune 
  • Jeevan Anand Sanstha, Palghar
  • With ‘Arya’ Mumbai
  • Satkarma Foundation, Badlapur 
  • Sanskar Vidyarthi Vasatigruh, Rashin 
  • Kshamata Rehabilitation Centre, Thane
  • Kho Kho Association, Nashik 
Jeevan Anand Sanstha
Suhit Jeevan Trust
Samatol Foundation